The Storytelling Covenant, Part 2

Theatre masks.
(Drawing by Ikiyuzlu)







[Scene: Audience member is at home chilling on the sofa with his laptop. He surfs to Enter Jason Dean.]

AUDIENCE MEMBER: (Skeptically) Why should I read your post?

JASON DEAN: (Enthusiastically): If you’re open-minded and read it from start to finish, I promise you’ll find it interesting. You may even find it informative. What do you do?

AUDIENCE MEMBER: I’m a content marketer.

JASON DEAN: Great! You may even find this post useful and applicable to your professional practice.

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Strategic Communication And The Storytelling Covenant

By J. Dean Spence

Made between two people or parties, often with blood sacrifices or sacred meals, covenants were common in antiquity. The Hebrew Bible relates many stories of covenants between God and Israel. In fact, in The Complete Bible Handbook, John Bowker writes, “So important is the idea of covenant in the Bible that the two parts of the Christian Bible came to be called…the Old and the New Testament (testamentum being a Latin word for covenant).”

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